Da Suga online podcast is designed to empower its listeners with information and education regarding business, health, and current events. We provide strategies that will help you adopt practices or share information that will assist others in succeeding in business, leading healthier lives, as well as keeping current with news and events in their community.

Da Suga Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to change the face of diabetes through collaboration, communication, and education.

If you would like to advertise on our upcoming podcast the following rates apply:

Your business name will be mentioned throughout the entire podcast as “The Top sponsor for this program is” with a short description of business, location, and contact information. We are a member of Advent Co-Working so your business will be mentioned to its members and their participants. Our event is also a featured event on Evensi. Your name and logo will appear in all advertising on our Evensi page where their membership has over 5 million participants. Your name and logo will also appear on our web page as a sponsor for the entire length of your sponsorship. Your name will also be mentioned several times during the previous week’s advertisement of the upcoming podcast. The only other patrons that will be mentioned at this time will be any other patron that pays the same fee. This slot is reserved for no more than 3 patrons. If you advertise with us for 4 consecutive shows you will receive a discount of $5.00 per show. Fees will be collected in advance in order to enjoy the discount.

Only your business name will be mentioned during scheduled breaks in the podcast. The maximum mention is 4 times per show with a total commitment of $20.00 per show. If you commit to 4 you will receive a discount of $1.25 per show. Total fees will be collected in advance in order to receive the discounted price.

The podcast airs on Saturday mornings at 11:00 am. The podcast will run for one week on our webpage www.dasuga.com before it is archived.

We look forward to you becoming one of our listeners. Tune in and participate.

You Can’t Change Nothin If You Don’t Say Nothin!!