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Da Pharmacist Intro

Dr Corrie Y Carey, PharmD, RPh is a native of Akron, Ohio. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) and went to work for several years as an underwriter with State Farm Insurance, and then as a loan analyst for Society (Key) Bank. In all of her years of working, however, she was never able to forget her love for science and chemistry.

So after much research and soul-searching, Corrie decided to switch career paths and pursue a career in pharmacy. During her time in pharmacy school, Corrie learned a lot about medications, but she became fascinated and mesmerized by the chemistry of the body and how medications are designed to either enhance or block chemical reactions to affect certain body functions. She also developed a passion for educating the people in her community about their medications so that they can be in a better position to advocate for themselves as they seek medical treatment in this challenging healthcare landscape.