Hi, I’m LaRita an accidental gardener. After illness forced me to retire I decided I wanted to plant a garden. Not the huge kind but one I could manage alone. Gardening is something we all think about but never get around to doing. We have thoughts of large plots of land, pulling weeds and back breaking labor. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

Together we will explore simpler, kinder ways to garden. Containers of all kinds can be utilized for gardening even garbage bags. Tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs are surprisingly easy.  Strawberries are a spring favorite and you can buy the plants in pre-planted baskets from Walmart. Imagine eating fresh strawberries from your personal garden. One collard, mustard or turnip plant produces a fine mess of greens for winter freezing. 

Well we have all winter to plan and decide upon what we are going to plant.  Meanwhile look around for a container you can use. An old clothes basket lines with a trash bag makes a great home for a tomato plant. Until next time….